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Cat of the Week - Winifred, Available Today AHS Howell Mill Campus

Hi, my name is Winifred and I'm hoping we will hit it off so I can come live with you forever. I have been at the Atlanta Humane Society for some time now and they have taken great care of me here but I'm ready to have a home of my own. Sometimes I have litter box issues which has made people apprehensive to adopt me, but after spending many weeks at my foster mom's house, she learned that it was always an accident, not malice, and that I have some preferences that help me have as few accidents as possible. I was the happiest when I had two litter boxes of my very own in separate rooms so I could make it to the box quick enough (her place was pretty small, so in a bigger place I might even like three!). After my foster mom figured that out, no more accidents! I think I just had enough time with her to feel comfortable and at ease. I was happy living with her and she was able to see that even though I act a little cranky, I am really sweet and just want to be rubbed and petted. I even let her pick me up once or twice even though it's not my favorite thing. I slept with her every night and even tolerated her cat - there was a lot of hissing but no fights needed to make him see I was the boss! Now we get along alright, and he even lets me steal a little of his food. I appreciated my foster mom being extra patient with my "issues" and letting my sweet, crotchety, loving personality shine! I have been here longer than 30 days so I am CATch of the week so my adoption fee is waived.


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