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Dog of the Week, Monroe! Available Today at AHS Mansell Rd Campus Roswell

Meet our handsome Monroe! Monroe traveled all the way from a Mississippi shelter partner to take up residence in our Hotel Mansell! This adorable teenage fella is full of energy and excitement which reflects the characteristics of his hound/pointer bloodline. Monroe happily greets his handlers and any one who walks by his kennel. He is ready to entice anyone for an escape to the play yards for some fun and sun. The hound in Monroe takes over as his nose hits the ground and he sniffs his way to the play yard. This energetic boy needed several leash corrections to stop his pulling and couldn't curtail his excitement to be outside. In the play yard, Monroe delighted in playing with every toy in the run and enjoyed frolicking along the fence with fellow canine. After some playtime and investigating, Monroe checked in with his handler and propped his head in her lap to get belly rubs and ear scratches. Monroe has mastered the sit command but could use an expansion of his basic commands and some leash manner refreshers in our obedience classes that are offered at the shelter. Monroe's ideal furever home should include older children ( too strong), a committed and loving family that can help Monroe become the best dog he can be!! He may even make a great running partner with his strength and speed. If you think this southern gent may be a good match for your family, bring the family and any canine siblings to the shelter to meet our Monroe!! 


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