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Cars - Dec 20, 2015

The Other 2015 Car Awards - Esquire Biggest Thrill, 2016 Lexus RC F

Imagine a conversation among three Japanese designers. "It should look like a horny toaster," one says. "A robot lobster," says another. "The alien from Predator," says the third. Now imagine they all got what they wanted. You'd have the RC F or maybe something more conservative, with a smaller maw. It's quiet at speed, like every other Lexus. It's fast and responsive enough (467-hp rear-drive V-8) that you end up doubling speed limits, the steering a live wire, the engine pumping out a growly blat. It's a wolf in wolf's clothing—make that a cyborg wolf with big plastic teeth—and polarizing as hell. But the design commits. And in characteristic Lexus/Toyota fashion, the bones feel indestructible, among the best in the business.


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